Advanced Kinematics

MLink's mid-length linkage allows for suspension tuning that was previously only possible with short link systems, but with the geometry advantages made possible by long link systems. For pedaling performance, MLink employs higher levels of chain growth and acceleration anti-squat at the sag region and a rapid drop off of chain growth and acceleration anti-squat at the end stroke to allow for smooth bump absorption. MLink also employs flatter, easy to tune shock rates.

Low Stress Pivots

MLink's longer links rotate slower than traditional short link systems. This results in lower stressed pivots. The benefit? Longer lasting bearings and smooth motion.

Stiff Triangulated Swingarm

MLink's configuration rigidly connects the seatstays to the chainstays. This triangular structure is stiffer than long link suspension systems that use separate seatstay and chainstay assemblies.

Clearance for Short Chainstays and Large Volume Tires

Most short-link suspension systems place two pivots (and their hardware and bearings) in front of the rear wheel, many times having to avoid front derailleur placement at the same time. MLink places one pivot to the side of the rear wheel, which increases clearance and allows for very short chainstays.